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We offer different types of programmes according to your current level of study and whether you want to follow courses in French and/or in English.

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Welcome to PAU Business School !

We offer different types of programmes according to your current level of study and whether you want to follow courses in French and/or in English.

Each year we are very proud and delighted to welcome between 70 and 100 international students from Europe, the USA, South America, Africa, Asia and India. Our numbers are deliberately small since we strongly value student well-being and welfare, so that you get the international experience you came for and we can give you the attention you fully deserve to make your stay memorable. Our aim is to fully integrate you with our home students in our mainstream programmes so you can nurture strong ties with our student community.

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Created in 1969, PAU Business School is the High School of Management of human size with a strong international orientation. Accredited by EPAS, the School places the student in the center of its projects.

The Grande Ecole hosts about 900 students (more than 1300 for the Group, following initial and continuous training. Some of them are international students recruited by our educational team composed of 48 permanent teachers, 5 affiliated teachers and more than 250 part-time teachers. The School offers curriculums that seamlessly combine purely academic programs in France and abroad, in particular, a number of double diplomas, including a French-Indian MBA in partnership with the largest companies of the world, with more professionalizing programs.

The School’s Master’s diploma is sought and approved by the state. With the 50 % of Master’s students on the apprenticeship contracts (spread over two years),PAU Business School is the school which without doubt has the highest ratio of apprentices among all other French High Schools of management, making social open-mindedness and business relations the centers of its concerns. Since 1994 the school has organized educational process for about 1400 apprentices who got their training within more than 700 partner companies. Moreover, the school counts more than 7000 graduates.

As for continuous training, PAU Business School offers short-term training modules on 8 areas of expertise (management, human resources, commerce, administration, purchasing, international affairs, computer science and languages); 1600 people receive such training every year. Furthermore, 500 persons graduate each year with a qualification of Bac to Bac +5 on continuous training and on alternation program (Negoventis network and diplomas ESC Pau). And finally, PAU Business School offers training to Bac + 3 and Bac + 5 qualification dedicated to real-estate jobs within the Parisian campus, “International Institute of real estate”.


« Act business, think human » is the motto which expresses what we are doing without denying neither our size nor our territorial anchorage.

It means to guide each student in implementing his personal and professional project. This commitment lies at the heart of the educational model of the Grande Ecole Program. It helps us create future responsible managers, resilient and multi-skilled, capable of accompanying companies through transition periods, creating the added value and, above all, capable of giving meaning to their investment.


This school is committed to its students. Using the method of personalized guidance designed to develop their talents and reveal their ambitions, the School prepares the students to create value in the complex environment. This is the school which is also committed to its employees and helps them develop their careers. To commit means as well to develop together with the concerned parties a dynamic strategy in order to define and implement innovative solutions.


PAU Business School wishes to develop adaptability, agility and creativity of its students so that they could come up with new ideas and make the most suitable responses when confronted to new situations. As each student is unique and each situation is peculiar, the School encourages all the differences, sources of creativity and innovation.


The School wishes to benefit from the authenticity of its territory in order to build the future of its learners. This authenticity involves being faithful and loyal to the links forged with the ecosystem to allow everyone to assert themselves respecting their differences and diversities.

Based on this three core values, the motto of PAU Business School “Act Business, Think Human” created in 2012 remains the one that characterizes its ambition in the best way. The quality of education and personalized guidance make candidates join the School to become its students and graduates. Over the years this guidance has become the School’s trademark.


As each student is unique and each professional project has its peculiarities, we have done personalized guidance the cornerstone of our educational model.


PAU Business School works to be recognized for:


PAU Business School educates managers with overall responsibilities constantly developing their skills within a complex and interconnected world. They are interculturally agile, possess the entrepreneurial spirit and understand the importance to make a positive contribution to the society for the benefit of all. This is achieved by means of personalized guidance of the student and the presence of businesses in the school and the school in the business. This synergy provides students with a unique experience. The objective is as well to produce knowledge allowing to contribute to the development of our ecosystems and to increase their competitiveness.

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Veronique BOULLOUD

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