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As an international student from our Partner University, you are welcome to study for one semester or a full academic year.

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Welcome to Pau Business School!

Pau Business School offers students a friendly atmosphere for studying. To facilitate your integration and to help you in your daily life, the International Office provides you assistance and orientation before and during your stay.

Here you will find information for organizing your exchange. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact Vriginie CASTET BELOCQ our “student support”.

We hope to see you soon!


Spring Semester Programmes 2017

from January to May


Course Catalogue

  • English Training Weeks
  • Intercultural Integration Seminar
  • Human Development & Leadership in the 21st century
  • Commercial Development Strategy
  • Changing Organizations
  • Intercultural Negotiations
  • Geopolitics & Psychological Dimensions of the USA
  • The World we in
  • International Retail Marketing (Winery Case Study)
  • International Brands
  • French as a foreign language


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PROGRAMME GRANDE ECOLE - PGE 1Mainly Taught in french

Doing Business in France - Fundamental courses

  • Fondamentaux du Marketing
  • Gestion & Négociation Commerciale
  • Environnement des Organisations
  • Conférences
  • Finance
  • Economie
  • Communication
  • Langues
  • Business Game


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International Management Programme (IMP) - Course Catalogue

  • Global Strategy
  • Organizational Behaviour & Leadership
  • Operations & Service Management
  • Global Economics
  • International Marketing
  • Customer Integration
  • Innovation Management
  • French as a foreign language
  • Business Game


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International Financial Management (IFM) - Course Catalogue

  • Statistics for Business
  • Principles of Financial Accounting, Reporting & Analysis
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Global Portfolio Management
  • Multinational Business Finance
  • Financial Market & Institutions
  • French as a foreign language


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Business Game - Course Catalogue

  • understand the interdependencies between different business functions (finance, marketing, human resources)
  • understand the business environment (PowerPoint slides must be used) (40%)
  • use the documents related to the management of a company (accounting documents, tax returns, etc.)
  • implement the knowledge acquired on all areas of business management.


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from September to December

International Trade & BusinessTaught in english

Course Catalogue - (fundamental courses)

  • Strategy & Management
  • Organisational Theory
  • Business Game
  • International Marketing
  • International Trade Techniques
  • International Human Resources
  • Web Marketing
  • Export Assignment
  • English
  • Español


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Doing Business in FranceTaught in french


Acquérir/consolider les connaissances fondamentales en sciences de gestion par des mises en situations opérationnelles dans un contexte national ou international.

En Management

  • Appréhender l’entreprise et son fonctionnement en tant qu’organisation : « savoir-faire » et « savoir-être »
  • Comprendre la place et le rôle du manager
  • Maîtriser les outils d’analyse et de diagnostic stratégique

En Marketing

  • Connaître/savoir utiliser les outils de stratégie marketing
  • Comprendre et cibler un marché
  • Maîtriser les étapes de développement d’un produit ou service

En Finance & Economie

  • Maîtriser les concepts et enjeux économiques contemporains
  • Réaliser un diagnostic financier avec les outils et méthodes appropriés
  • Appliquer les résultats du diagnostic pour améliorer la performance globale de l’entreprise

Business Practices

  • Une application immédiate des connaissances acquises au travers de jeux d’entreprise ou de problématiques réelles de développement.
  • Un déroulé en phase avec la progression des modules académiques.
  • Des prises de décisions opérationnelles basées sur l’analyse de situation mobilisant des connaissances spécifiques.
  • Un coach dédié et des ateliers d’échanges de « best practices ».
  • BUSINESS MANAGER: En individuel, dans le rôle d’un manager, vous gérez votre entreprise virtuelle.
  • BUSINESS CONSULTANT: En groupe, dans le rôle d’un cabinet de consulting, vous résolvez des problématiques de développement

Course catalogue (fundamental courses)

  • Marketing Stratégique
  • Marketing Opérationnel
  • Méthodologie Etudes de Cas
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Comptabilité Générale
  • Micro-Economie
  • Droit des Sociétés
  • Droit du Travail
  • Mathématiques Financières
  • Digital Skills
  • Communication Orale
  • Communication Ecrite
  • Statistiques


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International Management ProgrammeTaught in english


The GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE STRATEGIES programme analyses how businesses operate in a sustainable and global way, going far beyond corporate social responsibility.

It focuses on what organizations, leaders and managers need to know and do when dealing with Global Responsibility and Sustainability and how to combine the notions of People, Profit and Planet.

This involves determining how they operate in developed and emerging economies, how they develop their products and grow their customer base, how they create wealth and how they develop talent and human capital. It is important to explore the difficulties experienced by large corporations in becoming “sustainable”. The GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE STRATEGIES programme entails a critical assessment of the “credo” of typical multinational companies regarding their new attitudes to customers, the environment, partners, markets and stakeholders.

Intended learning outcome

  • To widen students’ knowledge on global responsibility and sustainability of businesses through the analysis of best practice and theories from a wide range of sectors and countries,
  • To challenge old concepts and assumptions in order to align business practices with current trends and economic conditions,
  • To present the latest concepts and ideas for developing corporate sustainable and responsible strategies that create not only value for shareholders but also wealth for the whole stakeholders and balance the notions of People, Planet and Profit,
  • To identify and analyse the roles that senior executives must play in order to manage responsibly and sustainably their people and production and lead their companies more effectively

Course catalogue (Specialized courses in Sustainable strategies)

  • Global Responsibility
  • Responsibility in Practice
  • Sustainable Finance and Social Economy
  • Sustainability Management
  • Responsible Human Resource Management
  • Sustainable Marketing and Supply Chain


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Business ProjectTaught in english


To acquire hands-on experience on a number of strategic, marketing, financial and operating challenges faced by French SMEs willing to develop their business in a foreign country.

  • Apply transverse knowledge: management, marketing, finance, communication skills in a professional situation.
  • Acquire and apply project management tools and methodologies to real business cases.
  • Manage deadlines, multicultural teamwork and demonstrate commitment and professional conduct

Intended Learning Outcome

  • Understand and solve problems with cross-cultural issues,
  • Make operational recommendations to SMEs representatives,
  • Develop project management skills and apply professional tools and methodology (building a roadmap for the project, making intermediate reports and minutes report, identifying critical tasks and controlling them, making professional deliverables),
  • Apply theoretical approach, tools and models to everyday work situations in order to address a business project,
  • Communicate, report, and behave in a business environment,
  • Understand the changing 21st century competitive landscape from the perspective of local companies operating locally or abroad

Course catalogue (A Professional learning by doing experience)

  • Project Management
  • Working Digital Age
  • Budget management
  • Business plan
  • Strategic options
  • Design & Innovation management
  • Team management
  • Legal risk management in business
  • Individual report/ writting skills


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Sport Analytic & ManagementTaught in english & french

Focus on «Sport Analytics & Management»

Les types de structures sportives présentés dans cette majeure sont diversifiés car représentatifs du secteur économique du sport : les organisations sportives (institutions, clubs, associations), les entreprises spécialisées dans le commerce du sport (entreprises de production, de commercialisation, de distribution de produits sportifs), les entreprises ayant recours au sport pour développer leur communication (sponsoring, mécénat..), enfin les sportifs eux-mêmes en tant qu’élément économique à gérer.


  • S’approprier le contexte socio-économique et juridique du sport en tant qu’activité économique : industrie, compétition, tourisme, institutions
  • Comprendre les enjeux actuels et futurs du sport
  • Acquérir et développer un réseau de professionnels via les intervenants et les projets menés
  • Gérer des projets réels, seul ou en équipe: comprendre les problématiques de l’entreprise, être force de proposition, accepter la confrontation avec d’autres porteurs de projets
  • Acquérir un savoir-faire + un savoir être face à des professionnels en attente de résultats

Intended Learning Outcomes:

A l’issue de leur formation, les étudiants seront capables de :

  • Acquérir une connaissance importante de l’histoire, de la sociologie, de l’environnement et du fonctionnement de l’activité économique du sport en général, des organisations sportives en particulier ;
  • Appréhender les problématiques financières, fiscales, sociales, juridiques et institutionnelles inhérentes à la gestion du sport ;
  • Etre capable de mener à bien une réflexion sur les problématiques actuelles et futures du secteur sportif.

Course catalogue (Specialized courses)

  • Coming Soon


Comming Soon...For more information please contact us

Application Procedure

You are welcome to apply for exchange studies at PAU Business School.

Do not forget that before applying you must be nominated by your home institution. We recommend you to contact the International Relations coordinator of your home university


Spring Semester

  • Nomination: November 1st
  • Application: November 15th

Fall Semester

  • Nomination: May 1st
  • Application: June 15th
  • Application is postponed to July 15 if you choose the Global Booster programme

Partner universities international coordinators are invited to complete the Nomination Form


Once you have been nominated by your university, you will receive your access code to the “International student application form”. You will need the following documents to complete your application.

  • Copy of your passport (or your ID card)
  • Passport sized photo to the top of the application form
  • ESC Pau Academic course registration form (see programmes)
  • French class registration form (compulsory for Bachelor Programme) - Download
  • • Any English language proficiency (IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL), or English proficiency from a professor (for non-native)
  • Housing form - Download

3 weeks before your arrival don’t forget to send us your

Scan all documents in ONLY ONE Pdf

save it under your FAMILY Name and send it to :


Looking for an accommodation ?

PAU Business School proposes 2 types of accommodation from single room to shared flat, according to availabilities. The residences are located behind PAU Business School (2 min walking distance). Pau centre can be easily reached by bus (IDELIS) (15 minute journey) and a “rent-a-bike system” is also available (IDECYCLE).


Gaston Phoebus university residence is composed of 4 buildings on the university campus, in a pleasant park near the faculties and university restaurants.


12 avenue du Doyen Poplawski 64000 PAU


Bus(IDELIS) : Line 6 (stop : Cité universitaire) Lines 5 et 13 (stop : Lycée St John Perse)


Car park / laundry / Guard / watchman / magnetic badge / Garage two wheels / Work room / Sports facilities



  • surface area of the room: 9m² or 97 sq ft
  • single room composed on: single bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, fridge, washbasin, toilet and shower
  • bed linen provided (blankets + bed sheets + pillow) but you need to bring your own towels
  • kitchen to be shared with students living on the same floor
  • internet access via Ethernet cable (provided)
  • laundry available on site
  • rent per month: 255 € (utilities included)

The university residence Clé des Champs is composed of 2 buildings of 4 floors. It is located near the faculties of Letters and Law, ESC PAU.


7 rue Saint-John Perse 64000 PAU


Bus(IDELIS) : Lines 5 et 13 (stop : Lycée St John Perse), Line 6 (stop : Cité U), Lines 2, 12, 20,21 (stop : Monge)


Car park / Access for disabled people / Guard / watchman / Sports facilities



  • surface area of rooms: 14m² or 150 sq ft
  • single flat composed on 1 room with single bed, desk, chair, table, wardrobe, kitchen (sink, electric hob, fridge)
  • private bathroom ( washbasin, toilet and shower)
  • bed linen provided (blankets + bed sheets + pillow) but you need to bring your own towels
  • internet access via Ethernet cable (provided)
  • laundry available on site
  • rent per month: 332 € (utilities included)

SHARED FLAT (3 students)

  • surface area 66m² or 710 sq ft (14m² or 150 sq ft each bedroom)
  • shared flat (3 single bedrooms) composed on : single bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, washbasin
  • shared bathroom : washbasin, shower
  • shared kitchen: sink, electric hob, fridge, table
  • shared toilet
  • bed linen provided (blankets + bed sheets + pillow) but you need to bring your own towels
  • internet access via Ethernet cable (provided)
  • laundry available on site
  • rent per month per student: 270 € (utilities included)

If you choose one of these 2 options:

  • You will have to keep your room for the duration of your study at ESC PAU,
  • The 1st payment is due before your arrival,
  • After your arrival, we will ask you to make a monthly payment between the 1st and the 10th of each month by bank transfer only.

Useful Information



Welcome Guide


Programme at a glance


Fall 2017 academic calendar


Housing description


Health Care

There is a public hospital and 3 private clinics in Pau.

All students must have health insurance for the duration of their stay in France. If you need one, please find bellow an offer from one of our partners. We recommend that you either subscribe through our agent before leaving your country or contact him once you arrive. Note that we can arrange an appointment with him for you.

The Central Administration of ESC PAU Business School will give you a certificate of enrollment upon your arrival, as this will be required for any administrative procedures in France.

INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE GENERAL CONDITIONS : Insurance package for studying abroad




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