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To make your stay in Pau Business School happen in the best conditions find here all the useful information and please feel free to contact us for any questions related to: accommodation, cost of living, health, associations, or Services offered by the School.

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Welcome to Pau Business School

Each year we are very proud and delighted to welcome between 70 and 100 international students from Europe, the USA, South America, Africa, Asia and India. Our numbers are deliberately small since we strongly value student well-being and welfare, so that you get the international experience you came for and we can give you the attention you fully deserve to make your stay memorable. Our aim is to fully integrate you with our home students in our mainstream programmes so you can nurture strong ties with our student community.

Student Life


Supervised by the Council of Associations and the academic department DPP, the associations allow you to live a strong experience within a community, motivated by the common passion, to move from theory to practice, to build up your network.

This experience is also beneficial for your CV. More than 90% of students enter in at least one association.


Whichever continent they come from, the international students who choose to study in Pau are looked after like nowhere else. The individual welcome they get as soon as they step off the plane at the airport is just a taster of what studying at PAU Business School is going to be like. The whole school is mobilised to support our international students during their stay, and in particular the International Association called Melting Pau dedicates its time and resources to make the Pau experience an unforgettable one.

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A campus where something is always going on

Every year, PAU Business School lives to the rhythm of the events organized by the School and students associations. These events are opportunities to exchange and share with those who make the School live. As simple participants or organizers, you will be regularly asked to take part in the campus life.


The concept of this event: Raft, Sound, Fun. For teams of 6, the challengers will have to compete in boarder cross events on the "Stade d'Eaux Vives" palois, all in a festive and friendly atmosphere.


Each year the association Teahu'Pau of PAU Business School organizes the Snow Cup, in the Pyrenees, with challenges skiing and snowboarding.


Oval'ESC, the rugby team of the Ecole, won the Tournois des Grandes Ecoles (TGE).


Throughout the year events are organized by our external partners such as the Red Bull - Class Room


Throughout the year events are organized by our external partners such as the 24h of Innovation - At the Center of the Earth - AVENIA


Teahu'Pau, the extreme sports association of PAU Business School, organizes the Ozeano Challenge on the Basque coast, with surfing, paddle, bodyboarding, etc.

The 13 associations of the School.

For a student, to enter into an association means to live a very strong human experience, to develop his talents (in sport, art, communication, negotiations, human management…) and to start building up his network.

Entering into an association also allows them to add value to the companies’ core principles: managerial dimension, work in a team, finance and judicial management, communication, marketing, sales, leadership, entrepreneurship…

Alumni Clubmore_vert


Alumni Clubclose

Creates and maintains relationships between the graduates of PAU Business School and between the graduates and current students of the School.




Fosters creativity and artistic talents of the students.

Students’ office (BDE)more_vert


Students’ office (BDE)close

Unifies and punctuates students’ life of the School.

Sports Office (BDS)more_vert


Sports Office (BDS)close

Ensures participation of the School’s students in sports competitions.

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CAC 64more_vert


CAC 64close

introduces students to financial markets.

Council of Associationsmore_vert


Council of Associationsclose

helps the associations with their finance management as well as with event management.




discovers the wine-making industry, gastronomy and culture of our region.




Humanitarian Association that deals with the development of education in developing countries, including Nepal.




Organization of the graduation ceremony and of the Gala evening.

Junior Company - Alpha Conseilsmore_vert


Junior Company - Alpha Conseilsclose

Corporate services: advice in marketing, communication and business start-up.

Melting Paumore_vert


Melting Pauclose

Integration of international students into the School life.

Radio Campusmore_vert


Radio Campusclose

First students’ media ( and soon on FM band; independent label.

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discovers extreme sports.


Exchange Programme

Information for foreign students from a partner university

  • Arrive to Pau

    By train:

    Pau station is located near the town centre and there are regular direct trains from Paris to Pau which takes approximately 5 hours. For more information.

    5 hours 25 minutes from Paris
    2 hours 10 minutes from Bordeaux
    2 hours 15 minutes from Toulouse
    4 hours 35 minutes from Montpellier
    4 hours 50 minutes from La Rochelle

    By plane:

    There are regular flights from Paris to Pau with Air France. For more information.

    Paris 9 flights a day
    Lyon 3 flights a day
    Marseille 2 flights a day

    By car:

    1 hour 45 minutes from Bordeaux
    1 hour 30 minutes from Toulouse
    3 hours 30 minutes from Montpellier
    3 hours 45 minutes from La Rochelle


  • Cost of living

    Average Prices

    Price of a baguette: €0.9

    Price of a cup of coffee: €1.3

    Price of a student’s cinema ticket: €7

    Basic products (average prices): Rice (2€/kg), Sugar (1€/kg), Flour ((1,25€/kg), Pasta (€2/kg), Yoghurt (€2/kg), Milk (€1/liter).

    Average monthly budget

    Rent: 330€

    Food: 150 €

    Bus: 30 €

    Electricity/ Water: 50 €

    Internet/ Telephone: 40 €

    Health and home insurance: 25 €

    Total: 625 €

  • Visa


    Prepare a CF file + registration on Pastel

    The Platform Etudes en France is an official program of the Ministry of Foreign and European French Affairs which is used for electronic processing of students’ files.

    It allows the students to manage the whole process online (completing an application form, enrolment for a test of the French language, choice of time of the interview, etc.). It also has a messaging service that allows students to ask Campus France any question.


    Stage 1 – create an account (« personal information » section): enter the number corresponding to your ID document and provide your contact details. Submit a photo and a scanned copy of your ID document.

    Once you have created your account, you will be able to log in and go on with completing of your file.

    Important: if you wish to receive messages with the information on the progress of your file at your personal email address, please mark the box “I accept to receive at my personal email address any information relating to my files”.

    Stage 2 – complete your file: describe your educational background and/or your professional experience. Explicit your project and your motivations. Submit supporting documents.

    Stage – choose your education preferences

    In the menu “I am candidate” (students for the case n°1).

    Pay attention to the prerequisites specified in the fact sheets on the training courses. Check that the course matches well your expectations.

    In the menu “I am accepted” (students in cases n°2 and n°3)

    Please, fill in the proper fields the name of the institution that hosts you in France, the exchange program and the name of the course. If you cannot find it in the list, choose “OTHER”.

    3. Send your file

    When you click on « I submit my file » you file will become visible to the Campus France staff. You will no longer be able to modify it. A Campus France member will check your file, help you to enroll for a test of the French language (if needed) and will invite you to an individual interview.

    4. Handling fee

    You will be asked to pay the handling fee before your interview. Some candidates are exempt from paying fees. You will find this information from your CF account in the internet.

    5. See the answers from the institutions you have applied to

    Those French institutions that you have applied to will see examine your file via the platform Etudes en France. Log in regularly to see their answers. Some institutions may require you to do some additional steps (competitions, enrolment to an on-sight interview or an interview on another internet site). Pay attention to the information set in the fact sheets on the training courses and in the institutions’ messages.

    6. Download the certificate “Etudes en France”

    All the candidates accepted in a French institution or via an exchange program will be able to download a certificate of admission “Etudes en France” when they have finished the procedure. This certificate is one of the documents that should be presented to apply for a visa.

    Candidates who will receive several positive answers from different institutions should choose one training course in order to be able to download their certificates.

    7. Request for a student’s visa

    Students apply for a visa at the visas application center (consulate or contractors).

    Once your application has been accepted, we will send you an acceptance letter and your proof of residence.

    20 hours of work a week

  • School's Services


    To live in France you have to get a French bank account and a housing insurance (for your accommodation in Pau).

    The School has a lot of partners which can provide you with these facilities under the best conditions.


    Computer rooms / hall/ classes of French as a foreign language/ pick up service at your arrival/ PPD coach/ Jobs forum


    This is an intranet platform of the School that you can log in with your personal username and password that will be given to you the day of your arrival in Pau. Thus, you will get access to the classes and materials needed for some classes (case studies, presentations, team works…) that you teachers will publish on the platform.


    This is a platform that allows you to deepen your knowledge of some subjects thanks to exercises and assessments that you can find there. On the E-learning platform you will also have an access to 100 hours of classes of French as a foreign language.


    The library offers a wide range of electronic databases, e.g. EBSCO-Business Source Complete, Emerald Management Xtra 140, SpringerLink, Kompass Monde, Infinancials, Lexis-Nexis JurisClasseur, GoingGlobal, etc . Nearly 40% of the Library is spent on on foreign language material.

    Access to more than 18,000 electronic reviews is offered, of which 50% are peer-reviewed international academic journals. It is also possible to consult electronic summaries and reviews of management books via Manageris and Business Digest along with other material specialized in international management.

    Finally, students benefit from international sectorial databases containing 20,000 market research studies, forecasts for 200 countries, and so on. Finally, since the library is integrated into e-campus, students are able to access resources while on placement abroad.

    One of the Library’s most important missions is to encourage and support our students’ enquiry, research, study and learning enjoyment. Guidance on managing information, referencing and citing, avoiding plagiarism and copyright awareness is provided. In addition to day-to-day support.

    The Library Manager has also designed and runs 3 specific learning modules (30 hours per student) covering: research methodology and strategy, Internet research, and optimizing databases, which is offered to international students upon their arrival at PAU Business School.


    Bike is a fun and affordable way to get around the city, and a great alternative to taxis, buses, and walking. Use it to commute to work or school, run errands, get to appointments, and more.

    The membership entitles you to use unlimitedly a bicycle for 24 hours or 7 days, depending on your selection. The first 30 minutes are free. Beyond these first 30 minutes, you will be charged at the end of your membership of sum follows depending on your case.

    Duration / Price

    Less than 30 minutes - Free
    30 min à 1 h - €1
    1h to 2h - €2
    2h to 3h - €3
    3h to 6h - €10
    6h to 10h - €24
    10h to 23h59 - €48

    A deposit of €150 you will be requested. The fingerprints of your credit card are used like a deposit until close of your membership. This deposit will not be debited. It will be cashed only if you overpass the duration or if you damage the bicycle.

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