Welcome to ESC Pau Business School!

We offer different types of programmes according to your current level of study and whether you want to follow courses in French and/or in English.

Each year, we are delighted to welcome more than 200 international students from Europe, Asia, Africa, the USA and South America. Half of them are coming from our partner universities either for one semester or for a full academic year. If you are studying in one of our partner universities and if you want to become an exchange student at ESC PAU Business School, you should meet the International Office of your university in order to get an approval and to be nominated.Together with your local coordinator, you will choose your courses among our Bachelor or Master programs. Some of our programs are entirely taught in English, others in French, so make sure to choose the right program.
We will do our best to facilitate your integration and to make sure that you “feel at home” at ESC PAU Business School!


About ESC Pau Business School

Created in 1969, ESC Pau Busines School is an independent Grande Ecole of management, member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. It delivers diplomas ranging from Bac+3 to Bac+5. The Master Grande Ecole (Grade de Master) and the Bachelor Business Developer (Grade de Licence) are approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education and have the international accreditation (EFMD accredited). ESC Pau Business School has developed an original and unique pedagogical concept: For Tomorrowers ®, based on learning through experimentation and coaching. Through this concept, graduates will be able to anticipate changes, constantly adapt to social-economic mutations and solve complex problems. As a human-sized school strongly anchored in its Territories, ESC Pau Business School shows its commitment to a new circular economy.

Strong links with corporates
Learning-by-doing pedagogy
Personal and academic support


All our programmes are recognized by the French Ministry of Education and are EFMD accredited. We do not have specific and dedicated programmes for International students. That means that you are always in class with local students which facilitate your integration and help you to discover French culture.

You are free to choose your programme and courses according to your study level and your language skills. Nonetheless, as an Exchange student you have to attend 30 ECTS per semester or 60 ECTS per academic year. Some exceptions are possible with the agreement of your coordinator.
Please note that because of planning collisions, you cannot choose courses from different programmes.

Fundamental Courses
Mainly taught in English

The goal of the programme is to train operational, adaptable, autonomous middle-managers in marketing within an international context. It focuses on developing an awareness of enterprise management and societal culture alongside nurturing an intercultural mind-set.

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International Management
Taught in English

The programme gives a broad view of what leaders and managers need to know and do when dealing with international firms in a global competition. It enables students to study in depth how businesses operate in a sustainable and global way, regarding new customers’ attitude, environment, partners, markets, and stakeholders.

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International Finance
Taught in English

The goal of Track in Finance is essential for a career in asset management, financial markets and corporate finance. The International Finance specialization is thus organized around these 4 areas:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Valuation
  • Forecasting for Business
  • FinTech

This course contributes directly to 4 of the 4 Learning Goals of the Master Program. The measurements taken in this course contribute to the implementation of the AOL quality assurance process for this program.

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French Marketing Excellence
Taught in English

France occupies a unique position, excelling in terms of cultural diversity, scientific research, hospitality and business acumen. The program uses examples of international industries, in which France excels, to teach advanced marketing theories and techniques. The program also includes an internship and a final dissertation. It offers a unique and challenging experience while increasing the long-term career opportunities and personal development of students.

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International Bachelor Semester
Taught in English

The goal of the programme is to train operational, adaptable, autonomous middle-managers in marketing within an international context. It focuses on developing an awareness of enterprise management and societal culture alongside nurturing an intercultural mind-set.

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Sustainable Performance & Intercultural Consulting
Taught in English

The SPIC (Sustainable Performance and Intercultural Consulting) programme allows students to understand a company as a whole and above all, to identify the mechanisms and levers that can be used to increase performance.
Although most of the class discussions will focus on SMEs, the concepts are relevant for any type and size of organization. At the end of the programme, students learn how to become an effective decision-maker and to manage performance in a sustainable way.

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Entrepreneurship Programme
Taught in English

The objective of the school is to bring students up to date on a real project in International Development for a French SME. Given the short nature of the courses, the focus will be mainly on key concepts rather than on technical details.

The ESC Pau Business School Entrepreneurship Summer Programme offers an indepth analysis of the current state of practice in the main areas of empirical and international entrpreneurship and international business.

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Finance Programme
Taught in English

The objective of the school is to bring students up to date on the current debate in theoretical corporate finance and asset pricing, and to illustrate the best practice for the analysis of empirical issues in corporate finance and portfolio choice.

The Pau Business School Finance Summer Programme offers an in-depth analysis of the current state of practice in the main areas of empirical and theoretical corporate finance and asset pricing.

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How to apply

First of all, you have to be nominated by the international coordinator of your university. Then, you will receive an email from our international office inviting you to complete your application electronic form and to upload supporting documents.
You will also have to finalize your application by uploading the course registration form that corresponds to your programme choice.

Acceptance letter

After the validation of your application electronic form, your acceptance letter will be issued and sent to you by email.

Arrival and housing

Pick up service

The details you provide in this form will allow us to prepare your arrival as best as possible. A member of the international office (or a cab if we are not available) will pick you up at the train station or at the airport.
This service is proposed from Monday to Friday and from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. If you arrive outside these hours or during a week-end, we advise you to make your own arrangement.

Spring 2022 Arrival Form

University residence halls

ESC Pau Business School proposes a variety of housing options in different university halls, ranging from single rooms to individual or shared apartments.
Prices vary from 205€ to 355€ per month/person.
Services included: secured entrance, night security guard, bed linen (blanket + bed sheets + pillow but no towel), wifi, laundry.
The housing office will do its best to ensure your preference but may propose another type of housing upon availability.
Upon receipt of your payment confirming your booking, your room will be automatically reserved for the entire term. However, you will be able to leave your accommodation whenever you wish. Please note that a one-month notice period will be applied by the housing office.

Private housing

Several student residences offering a multitude of services are located around the campus. You can book your single or shared room on the Studapart platform. You can also find accommodation in a city apartment on this same platform.
More information and how to connect


International office

The international office has a long tradition of welcoming International students enrolled as exchange students (from one of our partner universities) or as independent students.
All of them are assisted from their application process to their arrival in Pau as well as during their stay.

"Welcome to France" label

In 2020, ESC Pau Business School has been awarded the two-star "Bienvenue en France" (Welcome to France) label for a period of 4 years. This label, issued by Campus France, attests to the quality of our institution in terms of welcoming international students.

Why studying at ESC Pau Business School ?

You will:

  • experience a learning-by-doing oriented pedagogy
  • work on practical project in groups of national and international students
  • gain a significant level of corporate work experience
  • get a personal support and academic orientation before your arrival and during your stay
  • live in an outstanding city and region, 1h from Spain, the Ocean coast and the Pyrenees Mountains

Student life at ESC Pau BS

By train:
Pau station is located near the town centre and there are regular direct trains from Paris to Pau which take approximately 5 hours.
For more information.

  • 5h25 from Paris
  • 2h10 from Bordeaux
  • 2h15 from Toulouse
  • 4h35 from Montpellier
  • 4h50 from La Rochelle

By plane:
There are regular flights from Paris to Pau with Air France.
For more information.

  • Paris 9 flights a day
  • Lyon 3 flights a day
  • Marseille 2 flights a day

By car:
There are car sharing platforms.
For more information

  • 1h45 from Bordeaux
  • 1h30 from Toulouse
  • 3h30 from Montpellier
  • 3h45 from La Rochelle

You are lucky! Pau is one of the cheapest cities in France. The average monthly expenses for a student is approximatly 650 € (all included)

Average monthly budget
  • Rent: 330 € (average amount depending on the type of housing)
  • Food: 150 €
  • Bus: 18 €
  • Electricity/ Water: 50 €
  • Internet/ Telephone: 40 €
  • Health and home insurance: 25 €
  • Entertainment : 37
  • Total: 650 €

If you have a passport from the EEU you will not need a visa to come and study in France.
If not, you have to contact the French Embassy of your home country in order to check if you need a student visa to come to France.
Be careful, requesting a visa takes some time, so you should start the process as soon as possible in order to prevent any delay.
One week after completion of your electronic application form, we will send you your letter of acceptance which is compulsory for your visa request.
We also recommend you to get in touch with Campus France which will help you to prepare your arrival.
When you arrive and depending on the type of visa you have, you may need to have it validated by the French Immigration Services. The international office of ESC Pau Business School will help you with this process.


To live in France you have to get a French bank account and a housing insurance (for your accommodation in Pau).
The School has a lot of partners which can provide you with these facilities under the best conditions.


This is an intranet platform of the School that you can log in with your personal username and password that will be given to you the day of your arrival in Pau. Thus, you will get access to the classes and materials needed for some classes (case studies, presentations, team works…) that you teachers will publish on the platform.


This is a platform that allows you to deepen your knowledge of some subjects thanks to exercises and assessments that you can find there. On the E-learning platform you will also have an access to 100 hours of classes of French as a foreign language.

Learning Hub

A living and learning space, the hub is a coworking space where students can meet for their individual and collective work. Equipped with computers, flexible furniture and a private room, the HUB also hosts courses and conferences when their pedagogical modalities allow it.

A city where it is good to live

Pau is a city both sporting and cultural. In Pau, sport is king! The high-level sports clubs are numerous (Élan Béarnais, Section Paloise rugby ...) and high quality facilities (climbing walls, whitewater pool, Olympic swimming pool ...). The cultural offer is also rich (book fair, Polar Festival, Digital Arts Festival, Zenith concerts ...). And to live in Pau is to enjoy an exceptional quality of life in the heart of the South-West!

Pau, prefecture of Atlantic Pyrenees and great economic center of the South-Western France Pau in figures

  • 1 hour away from the Basque coast and its surfing spots and beach resorts
  • 1 hour away from the Spanish border to experience another culture and way of living
  • 1 hour away from the Pyrenees and its ski resorts
  • Pau and its agglomeration: 150 000 residents
  • 15 000 students and 3 900 researchers
  • Breathtaking panorama of the Pyrenees Mountains
  • Sports town: tour de France, Automobile Grand Prix, an International Three-day Event, the Kayak World Cup, the Basque Pelota World Cup
  • Cultural town: Zénith, 3 national museums, 1 theater, 1 casino…
Sports and Culture

Pau hosts the Tour de France and organizes an Automobile Grand Prix, an International Three-day Event, the Kayak World Cup, the Basque Pelota World Cup… In Pau there are also high-level sports clubs: Pau Rugby Team, Élan Béarnais and Billère Handball. Pau hosts a symphony orchestra (OPPB), organizes various music festivals (EMMAÜS, Summer Festival, Mix & Rafting…), Festival du Polar, Comic strips Festival, Festival of Digital Culture, Book Fair…


ESC Pau Business School is located on a leafy campus hosting 15 000 students and 3 500 professors and research workers. It is a 10 minute walk away from Pau town center and offers a quiet, friendly and safety environment for studying and meeting people. The campus also provides 3 student caferias as well as residences and dorms.

Rent a bike in Pau

Bike is a fun and affordable way to get around the city, and a great alternative to taxis, buses, and walking. Use it to commute to work or school, run errands, get to appointments, and more.
The membership entitles you to use unlimitedly a bicycle for 24 hours or 7 days, depending on your selection. The first 30 minutes are free. Beyond these first 30 minutes, you will be charged at the end of your membership of sum follows depending on your case.

Duration / Price

  • Less than 30 minutes - Free
  • 30 min à 1 h - €1
  • 1h to 2h - €2
  • 2h to 3h - €3
  • 3h to 6h - €10
  • 6h to 10h - €24
  • 10h to 23h59 - €48

A deposit of €150 you will be requested. The fingerprints of your credit card are used like a deposit until close of your membership. This deposit will not be debited. It will be cashed only if you overpass the duration or if you damage the bicycle.


Pau has a very rich and diverse eco-system with major industrial poles of excellence, including: Aeronautics (Turbomeca, Messier Bugatti Dowty), Geosciences (Total, TIGF), Food Industry (Euralis, Lindt & Sprüngli, Maïsadour), Carbon Fibre (Toray), Chemicals (SOBEGI, Arkema, Total Exploration), the Horse Industry (second largest training centre in France), and the Sports Industry (Quiksilver,Oxbow, Tribord-Décathlon, etc.).

We perfectly know that you have hundreds of things to do before leaving your country and upon arrival.
Our international office will provide you with assistance on the following topics:

  • Welcome and orientation information
  • Student accommodation assistance (booking)
  • Visa & immigration guidance and paperwork
  • Health, doctors, and health insurance
  • Banking and phoning
  • General queries concerning life as an international exchange student

During the first days, you will be assisted to discorver and understand your new environment and to connect to other students.

WELCOME! The international Office will do its best to make you feel at home!

A campus where something is always going on.
Every year, ESC Pau Business School lives to the rhythm of the events organized by the School and students associations. These events are opportunities to exchange and share with those who make the School live. As simple participants or organizers, you will be regularly asked to take part in the campus life.

24h de l'innovation

Throughout, the year events are organized by our external partners such as the 24h of Innovation - At the Center of the Earth - AVENIA

The 7 associations of the school

For a student, to enter into an association means to live a very strong human experience, to develop his talents (in sport, art, communication, negotiations, human management…) and to start building up his network.

Entering into an association also allows them to add value to the companies’ core principles: managerial dimension, work in a team, finance and judicial management, communication, marketing, sales, leadership, entrepreneurship…

  • CAC 64 introduces students to financial markets.
  • Council of Associations helps the associations with their finance management as well as with event management.
  • Pau’ethic plastic in charge of Precious Plastic machines and upcycling of plastic waste through entrepreneurial projects.
  • Polepausition works for the surpassing of oneself among students through sport
  • Sports Office (BDS) ensures participation of the School’s students in sports competitions.
  • Students’ office (BDE) organizes the festive life of the school such as parties, the integration of new students and is a meeting point between the various associations of the school.
  • Teahu'Pau discovers extreme sports.