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Fundamental Courses

Mainly taught in English


The goal of the programme is to train operational, adaptable, autonomous middle-managers in marketing within an international context. It focuses on developing an awareness of enterprise management and societal culture alongside nurturing an intercultural mind-set.

Business Project

Taught in English


To experiment and meet the group project terms of reference given by a company, to work within a team structure under tight time pressures, to conduct research, to integrate findings into a comprehensive management report and to make operational recommendations to client representatives.

To develop project management skills and to apply professional tools and methodology: roadmap, intermediate reports and minutes report, critical tasks, professional deliverables, final report including analysis and recommendations, a business plan and an executive summary.

To apply concepts, models and methods learnt during classes in a real professional situation.

International Management

Taught in English


The programme gives a broad view of what leaders and managers need to know and do when dealing with international firms in a global competition. It enables students to study in depth how businesses operate in a sustainable and global way, regarding new customers’ attitude, environment, partners, markets, and stakeholders.

International Finance

Taught in English


The programme gives a broad and professional knowledge of all areas of international finance. It trains students through numerous lectures, cases, presentations and trading simulators.

The programme aims to be highly practical and is taught by international professors.

The International Finance programme also prepares students to the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam Level I & II.