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Fundamental Courses

Mainly taught in English

The goal of the programme is to train operational, adaptable, autonomous middle-managers in marketing within an international context. It focuses on developing an awareness of enterprise management and societal culture alongside nurturing an intercultural mind-set.

International Management

Taught in English

The programme gives a broad view of what leaders and managers need to know and do when dealing with international firms in a global competition. It enables students to study in depth how businesses operate in a sustainable and global way, regarding new customers’ attitude, environment, partners, markets, and stakeholders.

International Finance

Taught in English

The programme gives a broad and professional knowledge of all areas of international finance. It trains students through numerous lectures, cases, presentations and trading simulators.

The programme aims to be highly practical and is taught by international professors.

The International Finance programme also prepares students to the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam Level I & II.

Marketing Digital & Communication

Mainly taught in English

A Marketing team needs to be able to analyse its market and understand consumers’ needs. Today digital tools are part and parcel of all Marketing activity. They contribute to a better understanding of consumer behaviour and help businesses communicate with them so that they can target consumers more efficiently.

Sport Sustainable Practices - Communication

Mainly taught in English

The programme is intended to provide a thorough understanding of current and future issues in the field of sport. In contact with several professionals in the sports industry, students will acquire the knowledge and networks necessary to give them access to positions of responsibility in this specific economic sector.