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Student Life


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International Office Coordinator

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Association Melting Pau

Each year we are very proud and delighted to welcome between 70 and 100 international students from Europe, the USA, South America, Africa, Asia and India.

Whichever continent they come from, the international students who choose to study in Pau are looked after like nowhere else. The individual welcome they get as soon as they step off the plane at the airport is just a taster of what studying at PAU Business School is going to be like. The whole school is mobilised to support our international students during their stay, and in particular the International Association called Melting Pau dedicates its time and resources to make the Pau experience an unforgettable one.

«Being involved in the Association is unbelievably rich» explains enthusiastically Alexandre Laurent, the Président of Melting Pau. «First of all because our international students come from all over the world, from South America, the USA, India, Europe, Vietnam, the Philippines… but also because they are all so different in what they expect from studying on the range of courses here at ESC Pau, whether it be the Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree or the French-India MBA programme». While some international students only come to Pau for 6 months, others spend a full year including those who are on a double degree programme. However long they stay here, the members of Melting Pau, along with the School’s staff are very careful to make sure they get all the support needed to help them fit in quickly, feel at home and make their stay a memorable one. Alexandre adds that «This is only possible if they are given individual support, including for everyday things, such as supermarket shopping, for example. For an Indian it’s really not very easy to find your way around the aisles. Another problem that needs help with is dealing quickly and efficiently with French administrative formalities. Otherwise, our international students really appreciate being given tips for things like car-sharing, buying objects on P2P platforms, and so on. I feel we are very lucky to be able to meet other youngsters from cultures that are so different to our own. It also means we have to call ourselves into question, which is a great learning experience. And of course, it’s a great way to learn new languages!»

The Welcome and Induction Period

The first major event of the year for Melting Pau is the Welcome Day. «We really want all our international students to get a feel for the friendly and open atmosphere at ESC Pau. It’s not something that can be easily described, you just have to experience it first-hand!». As soon as international students arrive in Pau they are invited to spend a full day with the International Department, Heads of Faculty and the Professors who will be teaching on their programme. Everyone is asked to introduce themselves as they feel fit, via a song, a dance, a traditional meal – anything goes! After this initial induction period, throughout the year there are lots of other occasions to get together. «Let’s begin with the academic side of things – we offer French conversation classes every fortnight for those who want to get by better on an everyday basis. Another option for language learning is what we call the Language Coffee, which is basically a sort of language speed-dating, where you speak 10 minutes in English and then 10 minutes in French». ESC Pau is also fantastically well-located. Trips to Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) are regularly organised for international students at very reasonable prices. «Each month, we propose visits to the main French towns in the region (Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lourdes, etc...). In fact, we have become first rate tour operators! But seriously, we are really proud to be able to share the delights of a region where we all feel very happy to be. Last but not least, the international parties have to be mentioned, as we are always looking for a good excuse to get together and have some fun! Often we do it by theme or by country with different national specialities, folk dancing, international football matches cheered on by the supporters, and so on». To put it in a nutshell, international experiences in Pau are an everyday event!