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Master of Business Administration

MBA French Marketing Excellence

MBA French Marketing Excellence

Contact for French students

Lucile Mesnier

admissions officer

Contact for foreign students

Alhassane Alele

admissions officer

Introduction MBA French Marketing Excellence

France occupies a unique position, excelling in terms of cultural diversity, scientific research, hospitality and business acumen. The program uses examples of international industries, in which France excels, to teach advanced marketing theories and techniques. The program also includes an internship and a final dissertation. It offers a unique and challenging experience while increasing the long-term career opportunities and personal development of students.

This course contributes directly to 4 of the 4 Learning Goals of the Master Program. The measurements taken in this course contribute to the implementation of the AOL quality assurance process for this program.

Learning Goals

LG1. With a strong knowledge of the role and the place of organizations within global economies, be able to master:

LG2. Acquire Skills and Tools to be (or to become) a ToMorrower

LG3. Act with a Global & Responsible Mindset

LG4. Think in a Circular Economy Context

Applicants :