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MBA Global Sustainable Strategies

MBA GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE STRATEGIES gives a broad view of what Organisations, Leaders and Managers need to know and do when dealing with global responsibility and sustainability, and how to combine the notions of People, Profit and Planet.

The program also includes an internship and a final dissertation. It offers a unique and challenging experience while increasing the long-term career opportunities and personal development of students.

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Put in place sustainable and responsible approaches in corporate strategies:

  • Analyze best practices and theories from many sectors and countries to gain a global responsibility and corporate sustainability perspective.
  • Challenge old concepts and assumptions to align business practices with current economic trends and conditions.
  • Develop sustainable and responsible business strategies that create not only shareholder value but also wealth for all stakeholders and balance the concepts of People, Planet, Profit.
  • Identify and analyze the roles that managers and executives must play to manage their people, production and businesses more effectively in a responsible and sustainable way.

Follow MBA Global Sustainable Strategies at Bac+5 level delivering an international and high level education.


Learning Goals

LG1. With a strong knowledge of the role and the place of organizations within global economies, be able to master: management techniques, management strategies and decision making processes
LG2. Acquire Skills and Tools to be (or to become) a Tomorrower
LG3. Act with a Global & Responsible Mindset
LG4. Think in a Circular Economy Context

Programme and Application

YOU WISH TO INTEGRATE THE MBA Global Sustainable Strategies
Applicants must have a “Bac +4/5” (BBA, Master...) degree or validated Master 1 and a good english level (verified during application process or a TOEIC at 750, TOEFL, IELTS)

If you wish to join the MBA Global Sustainable Strategies, you must complete your file on our online application website.

When you register, you will be asked for the following:

  • Your personal information (Name, First name, email address, etc ...)
  • Mandatory documents (ID, photo, transcript of last year of studies or current year, CV, Last diploma obtained or Certificate of schooling in current year, Letter of motivation)
  • Any document you deem appropriate to promote your application (internship certificate, letter of recommendations, language test, etc.)
  • If professional experience: employment contract (s)
Useful information
  • Tuition Fees : 12 500 Euros
  • Duration : 12 months
  • Intake : September
  • Closing of registration : july 8th 2021
Semester 1
Module 1 : Global Responsibility
  • Corporate Responsibility Management and Innovation
  • Scientific analysis of indutrial growth’s impact on global warming
Module 2 :Project management & Sustainable Development
  • Project and process Management in various orgnizations and entities (i.e Olympic Games)
  • Sustainable Development through sport case study
Module 3 :Sustainable Marketing and Supply Chain
  • Sustainable Marketing to promote eco-friendly products and behaviors
  • Supply chain management is key factor in a sustainability’s corporate program
Module 4 : Alter Management
  • Sustainable leadership & change Management
  • NGO Management.
Module 5 : Social Entrepreneurship
  • Social economic mechanisms and Ethical Banking Practices
Module 6 : Responsibility in Finance and in Human Resource Management
  • Sustainable finance
  • Human Resource Management
Semester 2 - SPIC + Master Thesis

Sustainable Performance and Intercultural Consulting (SPIC) builds a holistic view of the student towards the workflows in an enterprise and provides deeper insights into the functioning mechanism to enable effective decision-making and implementation.

Module 1 : Intercultural Management and Leadership for SPICs

In the current context of rapid internationalization, it is imperative for leaders and managers to master cross-cultural knowledge and competences in order to create a strategy that integrates both local and global viewpoints

Module 2 : Performance Metrics of SPICs

Within the business world, performance metrics are traditionally used to measure companies’ health and anticipate their future growth. These metrics of performance have been evolving with time. Earlier, it was financial health that decided the performance of an enterprise. Now, it includes the three Ps – People, Planet and Profit (Triple Bottom Line).

Module 3 : Consulting of SPICs: Research on Demand (ROD)

Business research does not exist in a vaccum. It is influenced and shaped by the businesses and organizations that form close part of its environment. This course provides an opportunity to apply knowledge that is relevant to the fundamental territories of management. Its integrative nature reinforces learning interest while at the same time contributing to the emergence of the decision-making theme.

Module 4: Drivers of SPICs

This course builds upon the lessons learned in prior courses and provides deeper insights on two interrelated issues: performance management and research methodology.

Module 5 : Data Science Applied to SPICs

Based on the advanced statistical methods used for business decision making, this course will give you the opportunity to understand the techniques applied in different management disciplines, in particular financial accounting, management accounting, finance, marketing and operations managementwith practical hands on experience at analyzing data using IBM SPSS Package.

Module 6 : SPIC - Applied Research Project (ARP)

This course is the final summary the whole SPIC program culminating into a ‘capstone project’. The students are expected to apply the knowledge gained throughout various courses and present a write-up/ paper.


Karnataka, India

Web site
The University of Winchester

University of Winchester,
Winchester, UK

Web site
Rollins College
Dr. Timothy Pett

Chair, Department of Business,
Rollins College,
Winter Park, FLORIDA, USA

  • global sustainable project managers
  • nternational market developers
  • multicultural team managers
  • social business manager
  • sustainable development manager
  • international junior consultant
  • NGO manager
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Our graduates are able to solve complex problems, to think in a context of circular economy, to anticipate changes, to initiate and accompany the transformation of organizations by acting with a global and responsible mindset.

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Obtain a Diploma of level Bac+5 delivering an international and high level education

Created in 1969, Grande Ecole of Independent Management, member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. The ESC Pau BS MBAs deliver a Bac+5 level diploma providing international and high level education.

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The principles of circular economy at the heart of ESC PAU BS teaching

The ESC Pau Business School's For Tomorrowers® model and the resulting pedagogy have been designed based on the following observation: our worlds are impacted by multiple disruptions (industrial, scientific, economic, space and time) and ecological requirements must be at the heart of our responses. The mission of ESC Pau Business School is therefore to train individuals with a positive impact on business, organizations and territories through the principles and values of the circular economy and a disruptive pedagogy strongly oriented towards action.

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ESC PAU Business School

Founded in 1969, ESC Pau Busines School is an independent business school and a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. The ESC Pau Busines School awards diplomas ranging from Bac to Bac+5, all of which are recognized by the State. The Master Grande Ecole (Grade de Master) and the Bachelor Business Developer (Grade de Licence) are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and have the international EPAS accreditation. ESC Pau Business School has developed an original and unique pedagogical concept: For Tomorrowers ®, based on learning through experimentation and coaching. Through this concept, graduates will be able to anticipate changes, constantly adapt to social and economic changes and solve complex problems with creativity. As a human-sized school strongly anchored in its Territories, ESC Pau Business School shows its commitment to a new circular economy.

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