Master Programme

To be eligible you must have spent a minimum of two years studying in higher education outside of France.

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students following initial and continuous training


teachers from whom 41 are permanent


foreign students on the Pau campus


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Business & Career

Pau Business School has very close ties with businesses. First of all, this connection results from the presence of excellence centers within the region: aeronautics, chemistry, agricultural industry, geosciences. And secondly, it exists due to our unique expertise in the sphere of apprenticeship.


Throughout your two years of studies, you will acquire multiple business experiences in France and abroad (internships...). This professionalizing immersion will transform you into young and efficient experts, humble and in line with the reality. Headhunters will not be deceived. Our graduates represent an outstanding value for them. Thus, together with more than 2 000 partner companies,PAU Business School makes the employability of its students its main priority.

The School in business | Businesses at School

  • 14 to 40 months in a company
  • More than 700 partner companies
  • Every second student chooses Apprenticeship program

Business partnerships

The Groups TOTAL, QUIKSILVER, SAFRAN, EURALIS and BNP PARIBAS are members of the Supervisory Board and the Foundation of the Group ESC Pau.

More than 770 partner companies recruit interns and graduates of our School: IBM, L’Oréal, Renault, Capgemini, Labeyrie, Microsoft, Lindt, Decathlon…

Catherine COLL

Teacher-Researcher and tutor
of PAU Business School

We think of our students as unique persons not numbers

I meet all students under my tutorship at least once a month at the beginning of the course in groups of three or four. We discuss their lives at School (pace and contents of classes, their attendance, training programs) as well as their extra curriculum activities (associations, BDE, BDS) so that to find a good balance between school life and private life but also so that the objective of the diploma remain firmly anchored. Between these collective meetings I also organize individual monitoring to discuss with every student his projects and strategies that he wishes to develop (choice of courses, internship, company…) to reach their objectives. I also let students come and see me when they need. The door of my office is always open and they can ask me any question.

The objective of all these meetings is to present to the students a number of tools available at the ESC PAU and their “operating instructions” so that they could build their academic and professional career. This allows the students to become independent and absolutely responsible in advance for their professional career.

Master 1
Project Management et specialisation

OBJECTIVES OF THE YEAR : Understanding and mastering the theoretical knowledge and the best practices allowing the construction of an entrepreneurial project, and transfer them to the service of a company. Launch your specialization in a field related to your professional project.



Teams "project" consisting of 6 students and coached by a teacher

Missions entrusted by a sponsoring company

Pedagogical inputs face-to-face and immediate application on the identified problem

Acquired skills

Ability to provide operational solutions

To deepen the knowledge acquired in the fundamental cycle

Acquire new skills: decision making, project management, business intelligence, design thinking, ...



4 modules on specific skills

1 module dedicated to the implementation of a project for a real company

Acquired skills

6 Specialisations: Marketing Strategy & Sales, Legal & Tax Engineering, International Financial Management, International Management, Digital Innovation, Business Development


Acquisition and implementation of the methodological research tools needed to prepare the final dissertation: definition of the problem, construction of a literature review, conduct of a research protocol, definition of data collection tools , ...


4 months in company

In France or abroad

Developing "know-how" and «genuine expertise»

Personal & Professional Development (DPP):

  • Definition of vocational guidance and related arguments to consolidate employability
  • Mastery of digital identity: e-reputation and communication strategy
  • Languages: professional concepts and language elements

Specialisations Catalogue

Specialisations at a glance

Choose your specializations Master 1 and Master 2 (excluding "International Business Practice") to shape your profile

EACH STUDENT OF ESC PAU IS UNIQUE: Build the program that suits you with our multi-skills curriculum or our expert curriculum.


OBJECTIVES OF THE YEAR : Specialisation by deepening a field of expertise or become «multi-skilled» as a transverse manager. Finalize and implement your professional project.



5 modules combining face-to-face, e-learning and case studies

Real business projects related to the field studied

Acquired skills

8 Specialisations: French Marketing Excellence, Digital Business, International Finance, International Management, CSR, Sports Marketing Analytics, International Business Entrepreneurship (PAU + USA)



Semester or Double-Degree in partner university

At home

International Business Development & Consulting (in English with foreign students) + 2 months of mission consulting


6 months internship in France or abroad

Acquire an experience related to the professional project




5 modules combining face-to-face, e-learning and case studies

Real business projects related to the field studied

Acquired skills

8 Specialisations: French Marketing Excellence, Digital Business, International Finance, International Management, CSR, Sports Marketing Analytics, International Business Entrepreneurship (PAU + USA)


12 months of work experience abroad in 2 different countries

Internship or VIE, employment contract


Master Thesis
  • Written as a research article
  • On a subject related to the student's professional project
  • Allows the student to apply the theoretical and practical principles acquired during his formation.

Expert Profile

Choose the opportunity to hyperspecialize you in a specific field of competence to become THE SPECIALIST. Take a look at the different Expert Profiles that we propose to you:


The Programme gives students international marketing theroy, concepts, practices and tools by focusing on 4 high-growing industries (High-Tech, Luxury & Fashion, Agrofood & Gastronomy, Wine & Spirits).


Information Systems and Data Processing are important for business development. Thanks to this curriculum we want to train students with managerial, technical and business skills who will be able to lead complex projects.


To obtain the DSCG, a national diploma recognized and very often required in the financial functions of companies.


The main objective of the International Finance programme is to give students a broad and professional knowledge of all areas of international finance at the same time as preparing them for the working environment through numerous lectures, cases, presentations, trading simulators.


Information and communication technologies have changed the way companies implement their marketing policy and interact with their customers and prospects. Online commerce has revolutionized the tools and techniques of marketing, and marketers have necessarily had to adapt to this new reality.


The programme gives a broad view of what leaders and managers need to know and do when dealing with international firms in a global competition. It enables students to study in depth how businesses operate in a sustainable and global way, regarding new customers’ attitude, environment, partners, markets, and stakeholders.

How to apply

To apply with Pass-world all students must sit a management aptitude test of 2 hours, an English language level test as well as participate in a 20 minute interview with a Pass-world jury.

You have until 31st of May to register online and submit a complete application file (the tests and interview must all be completed).

We urge you to apply at the earliest, especially if you must apply for a long-stay student visa to come to France.

Please note that the last day for sending applications is set to 10th of June.

If you complete all the stages of the process by the 19th of every month, Pass-world sends your application to your first choice of school. Applications leave (via our automatic online system) every 20th of the month (outside of weekends and French bank holidays) from October to June.

Consult our online calendar to find out the exact electronic admission dates. Pass-world generally informs you of your result by the end of the month.

Participating in a Pass-world Admissions session

After registering online and completing your application (choice of test, choix of schools, motivational questions, documents, application fees), you will be able to register for a test and interview session.

Pass-world and its representatives organise spot admission sessions in various countries throughout the year.

Consult our online calendar to find out the dates of our next sessions and presence at international fairs across the globe.

Do not hesitate to contact us if no session is scheduled in your country of residence and we will endeavour to find a solution together.


  • You are completing the last year of the “licence” program or the last year of the “bachelor” program abroad; you’ve completed at least two years of higher education abroad, regardless the sphere of your original education.
  • You have already completed the French “Licence” program or a Master’s program abroad as well as at least two years of higher education abroad, regardless the sphere of your original education.


Thanks to PAU Business School private housing platform / Studapart you can find thousands of offers from private owners, residences, real estate agencies available at different School’s sites.



The French Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF) offers financial aid to students and low income earners in order to reduce their accommodation costs. This is only valid for students who hold the Residence Permit (Carte de Séjour)

Here is the list of documents required by the CAF in order to be eligible for such an allowance:

A « déclaration de situation » form completed by you
A « demande d’aide au logement » form completed by you
A « attestation de loyer » form completed by your landlord
A « déclaration de ressources » form completed by you
Your account number in France
Copy of your ID (identity card) or piece of marital status
Visa with « OFII » mention

If you share an apartment with other students of the same sex as you, each of you should fill in an individual application.

If you share an apartment with a student of different sex, you should fill in only one application, because you will be considered as a couple by the administration.

Please note that considering the huge number of applications, you may get your allowance after the end of your stay in Pau.

To complete your electronic request, please go on:

ESC Pau - International Business School

More vidéos on Youtube



Right after your arrival to Pau you have to get an international health insurance. Thus, you will be covered by French student social security!





International Recruitment Officer


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